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Lustrous and Vibrant: Special Exhibition of Song Dynasty Porcelain and Five Famous Kilns


Lustrous and Vibrant: Special Exhibition of Song Dynasty Porcelain and Five Famous Kilns

Exhibition Date

August 2022 - October 2022

Exhibition Venue

Temporary Exhibition Hall, 1F


Chinese porcelain industry is long-standing, originating from proto-porcelain in the Shang and Zhou dynasties, evolving to true celadon ware in the Eastern Han Dynasty, booming in the Tang Dynasty famed by celadon of Yue Ware and white porcelain of Xing Ware and Song with many famous kilns, and peaking in the Yuan Dynasty represented by the state bureau of imperial porcelain and the Ming and Qing dynasties dominated by the imperial kiln. Chengdu Museum launches a large, ingenious exhibition titled Lustrous and Vibrant — Special Exhibition of Song Dynasty Porcelain and Five Famous Kilns. It showcases more than 350 typical porcelain articles of the Song Dynasty, over 40 first-class cultural relics, and many latest important archaeological discoveries to tell the brilliant chapter in the history of Chinese porcelain. Exhibits include fine Ru porcelain represented by Sky-blue Glazed Censer with Mandarin Duck Shaped Knob and Sky-blue Glazed Vase, porcelain from famous Guan Ware such as Green-glazed Square Flowerpot with Four Legs and shapes (Would "utility tools" better?) including pots, plates, cups, and burners, porcelain from gorgeous Jun Ware, and elegant ivory white porcelain from Ding Ware. These items are first displayed in Southwest China.

Designed based on the timeline, the exhibition follows the order of the initial formation of the Chinese classical porcelain industry, the aesthetic achievements of the five famous kilns, and then the influence of the aesthetics of Song porcelain on later generations, in the hope of tracing the historical foundation of traditional culture and exploring the Chinese culture code that impresses the western world. In addition, with Song-style aesthetics centered on elegance, the exhibition demonstrates Chinese porcelain culture in different dimensions, highlight the glory of the times and cities of these showpieces, and allows us to witness the long-standing and growing glamour of traditional Chinese culture carried by cities.