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Discovering the Beauty of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Traditional Chinese Medical Relics Exhibition


Discovering the Beauty of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Traditional Chinese Medical Relics Exhibition

Exhibition Date

June 17-December 12, 2021

Exhibition Venue

Special Exhibition Hall (1F), Temporary Exhibition Hall (3F)

The exhibition is held under the guiding principle that "traditional Chinese medicine is not only a valuable scientific accomplishment of ancient China but also a key to understanding Chinese civilization". It highlights that the goal traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) pursues is to "seek for the unity of the heaven and humanity and harmonize yin and yang". The exhibition also reveals that TCM practices the philosophy of "being benevolent and helping people". It aims to introduce the beauty of TCM to visitors.

The exhibition incorporates Prologue, six units, and Conclusion, following the logic that develops "from life to living". The Prologue provides an overview of TCM's role in the world, its long history, and diverse features. Unit 1 "The Holistic View of Humans and Cosmos" shows TCM's understanding of life, health, and diseases based on the Yin-Yang Theory and Five-Element Theory. Unit 2 "Benevolent Mind and Remedy" introduces TCM's diagnosis and treatment of internal, surgical, gynecological, pediatric, and ENT diseases. Unit 3 "Remedies for Corresponding Diseases" displays TCM's clinical formulations and preparations developed according to TCM classics and traditional Chinese medicinal materials. Unit 4 "Treatment with Hands" demonstrates non-pharmacological therapies, including acupuncture, moxibustion, gua sha, cupping, naprapathy, and conduction exercise. Unit 5 "Disease Prevention" explains ancient China's understanding, treatment, and prevention of epidemic diseases. Unit 6 "The Way of Nourishment — Health Preserving Culture in Traditional Chinese Medicine" presents TCM's healthcare ideas as well as its health preserving principles and methods concerning daily habits, food, exercise, and spirit. The Conclusion summarizes measures and achievements in TCM inheritance and innovation in the new era.