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Reborn in Ordeal: The Artistic Life of Pan Yulin


Reborn in Ordeal: The Artistic Life of Pan Yulin

Exhibition Date

December 11, 2020 - March 14, 2021

Exhibition Venue

Temporary Exhibition Hall, 3F


On December 11, 2020, the exhibition "Reborn in Ordeal - The Artistic Life of Pan Yulin" opened at Chengdu Museum. (Location: Temporary Exhibition Hall, third floor. Admission free.) During the exhibition, nearly 100 precious paintings, preserved and shipped back to China through Pan Yulin’s painstaking efforts, are on display, including oil paintings, ink and color paintings, line drawings, and sketches. The works include quite a few of Pan Yulin’s representative pieces, with some works exhibited for public viewing for the first time. These paintings reflect the golden age of collision and fusion of western and Chinese art beginning in the early years of the last century, and tell the legendary story of a woman struggling to free herself from the shackles of her times, and realizing her self-worth through unremitting effort. It will continue through to March 14, 2021.