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Story of Six Decades - History of Chengdu Museum


Story of Six Decades - History of Chengdu Museum

Exhibition Date

July 16, 2018–January 28, 2019

Exhibition Venue

Public Place on the 4th Floor


Chengdu is a historical city with near 5,000 years of civilization. Despite the passage of time, its unique temperament remains unchanged. Chengdu Museum is an encyclopedia recording and presenting the magnificent history of Chengdu. The museum grows with the city and has become a cultural landmark of the city and the spiritual home of all Chengdu people.

On September 15, 1958, the preparatory office of Chengdu Chorography Museum, the predecessor of Chengdu Museum, was established. Since then, it has gone through such development stages as Chengdu Cultural Heritage Administration Office, Chengdu Municipal Museum and Chengdu Museum Institute. Reviewing the past six decades, we find that while recording the history of the city, Chengdu Museum has also written chapters of its own with the efforts of several generations.

This exhibition will present Chengdu Museum's exploration and development in the past six decades to the audience, and avails itself to pay the sincerest tribute to museologists of older generations.