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Exhibition Date

April 30 – August 25, 2019

Exhibition Venue

Special Exhibition Hall on the 1st Floor

Sponsored by Chengdu Museum and the Italian BVLGARI Collection, the exhibition was themed on snake-(dragon)-shape art to show the beauty of form and cultural implications of snakes (dragons) in different civilizations through ancient cultural relics and modern artworks. The exhibition broke the line between fields and introduced fashion design to show the aesthetics of urban life and fully demonstrate Chengdu's cultural characteristics of “elegance & fashion” and “optimism & inclusiveness”. There were 183 pieces (sets) of exhibits, including ancient cultural relics, modern artworks, BVLGARI antique jewelry, and photography of fashion. The exhibits came from prestigious museums and art institutions of many countries such as China, Italy and Japan, showed diverse cultures, and provided the audience with an access to having a glimpse of the world far from Chengdu.