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A Season of Good Rain: Forty Years of Reform and Opening Up in Sichuan


A Season of Good Rain: Forty Years of Reform and Opening Up in Sichuan

Exhibition Date

December 10, 2018 – January 3, 2019

Exhibition Venue

No.1 Temporary Exhibition Hall, 1F

During this exhibition’s 23 days, the Chengdu Museum has received around 200,000 visitors and over 150 visiting groups. Among them, there are 2,258 students from 34 primary and middle schools and over 1,200 adults in more than 70 visits from government departments and public institutions. The exhibition even attracted institutions of medicine, culture, tourism, media, high-tech, and more. The Chengdu Museum allocated 6 guides for this exhibition, offering 125 interpretations for free. 43 additionally specified interpretations for the students were commissioned. In total, the museum has developed and selected 550 pieces of cultural and innovative products. Over 1,200 visitors, from children to the elderly, have left their comments on the exhibition, remarking on many different things. Kids are the most eager to comment, making the exhibition the most welcomed one.

There are 3,131 reports on the exhibition in total. Among them, 41 pieces were covered in print media, including 2 from central media and 39 from provincial media; 6 were television reports; and 4 were from foreign media. 3,080 reports were produced in new media, including 46 from central media, 391 from websites, 155 from WeChat, 2,042 from Weibo and 446 from apps. Also, the exhibition was telecast live twice, watched by 100,000 people. In all, 77 pieces were reported by We-media: 28 from WeChat, read by 70,000 people and 49 from Weibo with an audience of 700,000.

In addition, the museum has allowed room for new ideas regarding displays. For instance, visitors can buy coffee through WeChat scanning a QR Code shown in the exhibition hall so as to cut down on waiting time. Also, there are various interactive multimedia screens, with which visitors can play games or take selfies to record their wonderful memories. In addition, online bonus quizzes were prepared for visitors, who can receive souvenirs after their visits. It’s really a great chance for them to share wonderful moments with families and friends. Cooperating with Sichuan Contemporary Dance Troupe, the Chengdu Museum is experimenting with combining exhibition and dance. By adding dance flash mob to the display, the audience cannot only appreciate the exhibition, but also engage in the atmosphere of the times.

Guided by: Publicity Department of Sichuan Provincial Party Committee; Supporters: Publicity Department of Chengdu Municipal Committee and Chengdu Culture, Radio and TV, Press and Publication Bureau; Hosts: Chengdu Museum, Sichuan Daily Press Group; Organizers: Cover News, West China City Daily and Sichuan Culture Communication Co., Ltd.