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A Tale of Two Cities: Chengdu Yibin


A Tale of Two Cities: Chengdu Yibin

Exhibition Date

November 11, 2018 – February 24, 2019

Exhibition Venue

Temporary Exhibition Hall on the 3rd Floor

Chengdu and Yibin are both listed as national historical and cultural cities. Chengdu is the capital of the ancient Shu State, the most favored city in Southwest China, and a metropolis in China. Yibin is an important town in Southern Sichuan and at the confluence of two rivers. Thus Yibin is called half of Southwest China. Taking the Min River as a link, since the reign of Emperor Kaiming of the ancient Shu State, Chengdu and Yibin have been very closely linked and the cultural context has been profound. Since the Warring States Period, the two cities have witnessed the ups and downs and historical changes of the Shu area during more than 2,000 years in the past. “A Tale of Two Cities: Chengdu & Yibin” was the first exhibition of the museum's original “A Tale of Two Cities” series. Based on 107 pieces/sets of exquisite cultural relics from the two places, the exhibition showed the urban development of Chengdu and Yibin since the pre-Qin period and the profound relations between these two cities.