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Pandaful Art: World Tour Exhibition in Chengdu


Pandaful Art: World Tour Exhibition in Chengdu

Exhibition Date

September 18 – October 18, 2016

Exhibition Venue

Temporary Exhibition Hall on the 3rd Floor

In order to further promote the international brand of panda and carry forward the protection of endangered wildlife, Pandaful Art, the World Tour Exhibition was held in the temporary exhibition hall on the third Floor of Chengdu Museum. The exhibition was hosted by the United Nations Development Programme, China Wildlife Conservation Association and some other social groups and associations and co-organized by many units. The exhibits were mainly paintings, photos and sculptures of giant pandas, which introduced knowledge and cultural spirit about giant pandas so as to improve people’s knowledge of giant pandas and lead them to care about and protect giant pandas. The exhibition was once held overseas and in Beijing and Hong Kong. This time, it received warm response in Chengdu Museum.