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Echoes of Civilization: Ancient Treasures from Afghanistan


Echoes of Civilization: Ancient Treasures from Afghanistan

Exhibition Date

February 1 – May 6, 2018

Exhibition Venue

No. 1 Temporary Exhibition Hall, 1F

After a series of great exhibitions that featured civilization from countries and regions along the Belt and Road in 2017, including Spirit of the Silk Road: Dunhuang Art Exhibition and Treasures from the Land of Abundance and the Silk Road and The Imperial Palace: Treasures of the Peterhof State Museum Reserve, the Chengdu Museum focused on the Silk Road again at the beginning of 2018: it has introduced invaluable cultural relics from the National Museum of Afghanistan, organized the exhibition The Echo of Civilization, a significant part of the exhibition series featuring civilizations along Sichuan’s Belt and Road.

Situated at a critical juncture of the ancient Silk Road, Afghanistan has witnessed a convergence of grassland civilizations, Greek-Roma civilizations, Chinese civilizations, and Indian civilizations. The Echo of Civilization follows clues from four archaeological sites: Tepe Fullol, City Site at Aki-Khanum, Tilla Tepe, and Begram, and outlines the process of history from civilizations from the Neolithic period to the Greek civilization, then to grassland civilizations, and finally to the Kushan civilization, presenting the magnificent multiple cultures of Afghanistan from the fourth century BC to the third century AD. The collections, including glittering gold vessels, vivid statues of gods and elaborate glassware, all reflect the profound history and splendid cultures of Afghanistan.

Guided by: Information Office of the People’s Government of Sichuan Province, Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism (Sichuan Provincial Cultural Relics Administration), Publicity Department of the CPC Chengdu Municipal Committee, and Chengdu Culture, Radio and TV, Press and Publication Bureau (Chengdu Cultural Relics Administration). Hosts: Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Art Exhibitions China, Chengdu Museum, and National Museum of Afghanistan.

Co-organizer: CPAFFC International Art Exchange Institute

Planners: Kouzan Fine Art Company, and Chongqing Dongling Art Co., Ltd.