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Shiwan: A Gorgeous Pottery Kiln


Shiwan: A Gorgeous Pottery Kiln

Exhibition Date

July 18 – October 31, 2017

Exhibition Venue

Temporary Exhibition Hall on the 3rd Floor


The exhibition was hosted by Chengdu Museum and Foshan Museum and co-organized by Chancheng District Museum of Foshan City and Guangdong Shiwan Pottery Museum. It presented the pottery art in Shiwan in a relatively comprehensive way, including 106 pieces (sets) masterpieces of Shiwan pottery in different times, such as the Ming Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China and modern times. The exhibits included figurines, animal statues, artistic wares, ridge tiles and micro statues. “Huang Bin Cat”, “Huo Jin Cattle”, “Statues of Sun and Moon God”, locally famous stores, had their works exhibited in this exhibition in a fascinating way. The exhibits were featured with indigenous Lingnan culture. Simple and profound exhibits were in various postures, which reflected the industrious and diligent character of the ordinary as well as their delights of life.