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Chang Dai-Chien: Nostalgia for the Motherland


Chang Dai-Chien: Nostalgia for the Motherland

Exhibition Date

June – August, 2016

Exhibition Venue

Special Exhibition Hall on the 1st Floor

Chengdu Museum held a special exhibition “Chang Dai-Chien: Nostalgia for the Motherland” on its opening. The exhibition was divided into five parts in sequence of time, namely “About Chang Dai-Chien”, “Appreciation of Ancient Painting Skills”, “I and Dunhuang”, “Travelling Around” and “Where do I Go from Here”, presenting the collections, drafts, art works, seals and letters of Chang Dai-Chien in the forms of real objects, pictures and videos. The exhibition revealed the colorful life stories and artistic experience of Chang Dai-Chien, a master in the art world and told stories about his drifted career and lingering nostalgia after leaving his motherland.