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Chengdu in Pre-Qin Times


Chengdu in Pre-Qin Times

Exhibition Date

Permanent Exhibition

Exhibition Venue

Chengdu Museum, 2F


The exhibition hall for Chengdu in Pre-Qin Times, located on the museum’s second floor, is the first section of exhibitions covering general history. The display depicts the history of Shu in Pre-Qin times as the main line, focusing on the Baodun Ancient City Ruins of the late Neolithic period; the Sanxingdui Ruins and Jinsha Ruins of the Xia, Shang and Zhou dynasties; boat-shaped coffins excavated from Chengdu’s Shangye Street; Bashu symbols of the Warring States Period, and more. It shows how magnificent the Shu civilization was in Pre-Qin times through more than 240 fine artifacts. Meanwhile, various exhibition forms including scene restoration, sand tables, and multi-media were established to vividly present visitors the lives of ancient Shu people in all aspects.